Friday, March 4, 2016

Samsung Mobiles & Sony South India’s Most Trusted Brands, Reports IBT

India’s most awaited and rigorous brand evaluation, The Brand Trust Report, India Study, a comparison of the trust held in brands, has been released for 2016. Samsung Mobiles leads South as the Most Trusted Brand as well as All-India rank, followed by Sony which secures 2nd rank sustaining its rank from All-India rank. Nokia ranks 3rd in South up one place from the All-India rank. LG is South India’s 4th Most Trusted brand, down one place and Tata secures South India’s 5th position, steady at the 5th in the All-India rank and Boost is the 6th Most Trusted Southern brand improving its rank by moving up 41 places from its All-India rank. Lava is at the 7th position, up 25 places and Dell at 8th position is maintaining its position from its All-India rank. Airtel is at 9th in the South up by four places and Honda is at 10th in the South India down by four ranks as compared to All-India ranking. Last year the five Most Trusted South India brands LG, Sony, Samsung Mobiles, Dell and HP.

A comparison of the top 20 in each zone shows small differences. However, as we study the entire group of 100 brands these differences across zones become stark. South India has shown its unique preference for 15 brands featured in South zone’s 100 Most Trusted Brands, which are not seen in the 100 Most Trusted of the other three zones. These include – All Out, Lipton, iBall, Dish TV, Good Knight, Oral B, Vim, Mirinda, Bournvita, Iodex, Facebook, Glucon D, Rexona, Olay and Wheel.

The Brand Trust Report, the sixth in its series, is the result of a comprehensive primary research conducted on the proprietary 61-Attribute Trust Matrix of TRA. This year’s study involved 18000 hours of fieldwork covering 2500 consumer-influencers across 16 cities in India and generated 6 million datapoints and 20,000 unique brands from which the top 1000 brands have been listed in this year’s report. The 200 page, hardbound report is available for Rs. 14000.

N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA, said on the occasion of the report’s launch, “A distinctive trend has been detected in the rankings of South India which shows a minor deviation in comparison to the All-India line. South India’s top 100 brands are almost congruent with India's 100 Most Trusted Brands. Of the 100 south zone brands, only 29 brands were not listed in the India's 100 Most Trusted Brands. 

Except for a few category leaders, the distribution of brands across categories of both the South zone's top 100 and the country's top 100 brands are almost the same. A few brands that featured in the South zone list and topped their categories are Arrow (Apparel); HDFC bank (BFSI), Boost (F&B), Yahoo (Internet), Sonata (Personal Accessories).”
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