Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hitachi’s “ADSTEFAN Ver. 2016” Begins Sales of its Casting Simulation System in India

Hitachi Industry and Control Solutions, Ltd. (“Hitachi Industry and Control”) announced that it will begin sales of “ADSTEFAN Ver. 2016”, a casting simulation system*1, in the Republic of India(“India”) on March 15, 2016. “ADSTEFAN Ver. 2016” was released in Japan on February 1, 2016. Hitachi Industry & Control is aiming to secure sales of 50 licenses per year in the Indian market.

“ADSTEFAN” is a simulation tool that enables users in the front lines of casting production in the molding materials industry to predict casting defects before they occur. It can simulate the inflow of molten metal into casting molds as well as the hardening process, both of which have been treated like a "black box" so far, and displays those processes in 3D. This makes it possible to reduce the number of casting prototypes, cut down on development time, and improve quality, thereby to demonstrate results in terms of reductions in both costs and the resources consumed.

Hitachi Industry & Control originally released “ADSTEFAN” in Japan in 1999, and since then has made improvements of product functions based on requests for enhancements from user companies and the results of joint research with universities and partner companies, offering upgraded versions each year. In 2007, it released “ADSTEFAN” for the first time in India, when a sales agency contract was completed with the ProSIM RnD Center, an Indian subsidiary, and is now working to strengthen and enhance the sales and service structure in collaboration with partner companies. By “ADSTEFANVer.2016”, Hitachi Industry & Control will contribute to the development of the manufacturing industry in India.

Mitsuo Takayama, President - Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd., said:
By offering the “ADSTEFAN” simulation system, Hitachi Industry & Control has contributed to improving quality and reducing man-hours in the front lines of casting production in the Japanese molding materials industry. Now, we are extremely pleased and proud to be able to offer the system “ADSTEFAN Ver.2016” in India.

Benefits of “ADSTEFAN”:
-       Reduction of Time: Time Reduction for Development / Designing, Decreasing numbers of prototypes
-       Reduction of Cost: Cost reduction for prototypes, Reduction of designing costs
-       Improvement of Quality: Preventing casting defects, Improvement of yield rate, Improvement of product reliability
-       Grasp of Defect Causes: Grasp and countermeasures for the defects from simulation results

-       Accumulation of Technology: Accumulating and handing technology and know-how of designing data
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