Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lavasa to be tranformed into e-City by Wipro

Lavasa and Wipro announced their partnership for planning, implementing and managing information and communication technology (ICT) services across Lavasa city.

Wipro will support the city in the areas of city management system & services, e-governance, ICT infrastructure and value-added services, including providing intelligent home solutions and digital lifestyle. The ICT services will include voice-video-data services to various businesses operating out of Lavasa city.

According to a company release, the strategic partnership will focus on providing integrated and effective solutions for enhancing IT operations within the hill city. It will identify governance services and operating models, and define processes for delivering good governance.

Wipro will also provide the necessary infrastructure support, including technology selection, supply, installation and management of platforms, networks, data center, etc.

The estimated revenues out of this partnership from Lavasa city's first town Dasve is about $100 million over the next 10 years.

Speaking on the occasion, Rajgopal Nogja, president, Lavasa Corporation, said, "For a completely new hill city like Lavasa, technology leadership is a key driver of city development and management. Wipro has proven expertise in innovative ICT solutions and this partnership will ensure a quantum leap in not only being technologically proactive, but also realizing our vision in becoming a completely e-governed city.

Through this partnership, Wipro will also design the detailed infrastructure for telecom services for governance, and also for the residents and visitors of Lavasa city. Wipro will provide telecom-based services that will facilitate smart homes, and buildings including integrated building management systems, physical security requirements and other on-demand services.


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