Friday, August 28, 2009

Browse pure content on NaqaTube; Online version of YouTube

Sick and tired of profanities and explicit nature of some video clips on YouTube, a group of Saudis have developed a “clean” alternative called NaqaTube (naqa being the Arabic word for ‘pure’).

The aim, as they put it, is to prevent the youth from watching sexually explicit video clips online, an Arab news report quoted a moderator of the website as saying. With millions of youth logging into YouTube each day, the group launched NaqaTube, which is simply an amalgamation of “clean” clips from YouTube.

Abu Ibraheem, one of the moderators of the website, said that clips on NaqaTube are religiously safe and often edited prior to being uploaded.

The website’s logo is “participate with us in a clean website.”

The site also censors clips that are against the government, individuals and scholars, or which mock people in general, the report said. Women’s images are totally forbidden, along with music.

“Our dream is to decline the number of visitors to YouTube. Our website has received 5,000 to 6,000 visitors since its launch two months ago,” Ibraheem said.

Much of the material on the site is religiously inclined and the site’s front page displays links to over 10 channels featuring scholars, preachers, children and other Islam-related material. The site hosts clips of scholars from the Arab world delivering Islamic discourse. “We are promoting a moderate Islam, nothing extreme,” he said.


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