Monday, July 20, 2009

Will BT take back 2,000 Desi jobs to UK?

BT chief executive Ian Livingston has announced that the company will revert at least 2,000 call centre jobs from India back to Britain.

The company has a significant presence in India where the telecom major has a customer service staff of 11,000 employees.

At the group's annual meeting Livingston was asked by an investor, about the group's planning to close call centres in India. Livingston disclosed the plans to revert jobs in his response to the question.

However, BT said the move had nothing to do with the quality of service offered in India. A BT spokesperson said, “This is not about customer service as the service in our operations around the globe is of very similar standards. It is about the effective deployment of our resources.”

“We have opportunities to bring some activities, carried out by our partners, back from outside the UK to permanent BT employees in the UK who are skilled to do this work,” he said.

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