Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Intel will launch two CPUs under the Celeron E3000 series

Chipmaker Intel Inc during the third Quarter of year 2009 is likely to replace the current Celeron E1000 series and is lining up production of its new 45nm Celeron E3000 series CPUs.

In a report said that the company will launch two CPUs under the Celeron E3000 series – christened the Celeron E3200 and E3300 – during the third quarter. The company has said that the two CPUs will boast of core frequencies of 2.4GHz, and 2.5GHz, respectively. They would also feature 1MB L2 cache, 800MHz FSB, and 65W TDP. Celeron E3000 series CPUs will support VT-x virtualization.

By Quarter 4, the company is also likely to come out with a new Core i7 CPU. The Core i7 960 CPU will debut with a core frequency of 3.2GHz.

It is expected that the Celeron E3000 CPUs will touch the 10% mark in the fourth quarter overall entry-level CPU shipments.

Meanwhile, the 65nm Celeron E1000s stand the chance of plummeting from 20% in the third quarter to 10% in the fourth. It has been forecast that Intel's Celeron 400 series will account for 18% of shipments in the fourth quarter, Atom D510 around 2%, Atom 330 around 50% and Atom 230 around 10%.

It is also foreseen that Celeron E3000 will jump to 21% during the first quarter of 2010, while Celeron E1000s might get wiped away from the market. The Celeron 400 series will account for around 15%, Atom D510 25%, Atom 330 27% and both Atom D410 and Atom 230 6% each, it is expected.

Continuing with its launches, Intel might also unveil its dual-core Atom D510 CPU for net tops. This is also expected during the fourth quarter, while a single-core Atom D410 CPU will be rolled out during the first quarter of 2010.

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